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Quality Control
MK Promotions & Specialty Print has followed the principles of worldwide quality assurance practices since the business was established. All of our work is guaranteed and our team of professional printers are trained to the highest standards. Random checks are conducted regularly throughout a job to ensure that orders are right the first time.

From premium Swiss machinery to high quality European inks, MK Promotions & Specialty Print invest in superior equipment to ensure outstanding accuracy, colour-fastness and durability. Our in-house graphic art department uses the latest cross-platform computers, providing compatibility with every customer, and a high standard of output.

Professional Printers
Our team are trained to meet the highest industry standards. Our printers are experts in their field, and work diligently to accurately identify the type of material being printed; whether pre and/or post surface treatment is required to ensure ink adhesion and abrasion resistance; selecting the right ink for the right substrate; choosing the best pad for the job; ensuring precise placement of the print and maintaining and regulating the ink in varying environmental conditions. All details of the job are recorded, including any required treatments, which jig and pad was used, and ink formula, so that when you are ready to re-order your job, you can be assured that your job will be printed exactly as before.


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